Handling of Personal Information – Recruitment Register

By filling in the job application the applicant agrees to the storage and use of the data.

1 Registrar

Nipromec Oy Ltd, who also acts as a registrar for their subsidiaries
Tallikedonkatu 11
26100 Rauma
010 219 3000

2 Registry responsible and contact person

Mervi Kautonen
Data Protection Officer
Nipromec Oy Ltd
010 219 3000

3 Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of the register is to receive, process and retain job applications with attachments to Nipromec Oy Ltd and its clients from applicants. An application may be submitted for a particular job or the applicant may submit an open application. The application can also be matched with another corresponding open position.

Data is always stored confidentially and data is never handed over outside the recruitment process. The application information with the attachments is stored in the register for twelve (12) months. During this time, application data can be reused during other searches.

Applicants may request their data to be removed from the register. Removal and change request instructions are available from Nipromec human resources department or by contacting the person responsible for registry issues. Nipromec Oy Ltd can also delete applications and attachments with incomplete information.

4 Registered data

basic information (name, contact information, date of birth)
education and work experience
experience and knowledge description
other additional information provided by the applicant

5 Regular sources of information


6 Regular data hand over

Information will not be disclosed outside the Nipromec Group without the explicit consent of the applicant.

7 Data transfer outside EU / ETA area

Data is not transferred.

8 Register protection principles

A. Physical material
Physical material regarding recruitment doesn’t exist, all material is handled electronically.

B. Electronically stored data: 
Registry data is protected by user-specific passwords. Only employees designated to Nipromec Oy Ltd or client recruitment have access to applicant personal information stored in the register. Externals cannot access the data storage as externals are escorted on Nipromec Group premises.

9 The inspection right

According to § 26 of the Personal Data Act, an applicant has the right to inspect what information concerning him/her has been stored in the recruitment register. Guidance and order form for the inspection request can be obtained from the person responsible for the register or the human resources department.