We are now looking for a Self-Standing System Commissioning Engineer for a project in Olkiluoto. Work starts on 01.03.2018 and estimated duration is until 30.09.2018.

The scope of Self Standing Systems includes a various area of several systems composed of different kind of technologies, electrical, I&C, mechanical parts and process part. The PLCs used are mainly SIMATIC S7 based including HMI (WinCC or WinCC flex).

Following activities are included within the scope:
  1. Review of the automation portion of the SSS prior to commissioning start with regard to:
  • SSS requisition file. Depending on the purchase order placed for the Self Standing System, the test execution program may be impacted.
  • Detailed design documents availability at applicable reference configuration.
  • Completeness & correctness of commissioning test documents.
  • Testing equipment – specific training and spare parts required.
  • Status of open points already assigned to the PLC and analysis of their impacts on commissioning schedule.
  • On-site inspection of the equipment and follow-up of its installation.
  • Software availability and accessibility in line with IT Security and configuration management rules.
  • Assessment of the workload for that support including the performance of loop testing.
  • Assessment of supplier’s support needed – if any.
  • Support the Commissioning Engineer in charge of the system at ECC stage (Erection Completion Certificate), i.e. during the transfer.
  • transfer of the automation equipment from erection to commissioning.
  1. Execution of the automation related commissioning activities:
  • Support to the transfer process of the system from commissioning to OIO (Operations Integrated Organization) at completion of pre-operational tests.
  • Enforcement of IT-Security and HSE rules.
  • On-site re-testing of approved changes – if applicable.
  • Implementation of temporary changes at commissioning stage according to project procedures.
  • Troubleshooting and analysis activities on a need basis.
  • Creation of open points in case of deviations or events noted at commissioning stage, including analysis and possible solutions.
  • Issuance of fault notifications in case of equipment defect noted at commissioning stage.
  • Commissioning Engineer instructions (Permit-to-Test) including the issue of test reports (Result Record Sheets).
  • Day-to-day execution of the test programs as per system.
  • Support the RFCC (Ready For Commissioning Certificate) managed by the Commissioning Engineer in charge of the system the automation equipment belongs to.
  1. Control and monitoring activities:
  • Provide inputs with regard to work progress and status.
  • on a system basis to system Commissioning Engineer.
  • Provide inputs with regard to overall status and workload to I&C Commissioning Head Branch.
  • Propose corrective actions in case of deviations in test performance s or test reports.
  1. Closing-out activities:
  • Support the issue of System Commissioning Reports (SCR) and Phase Commissioning Reports (PCR) for their portions dealing with PLC.
  • Support the closing of open points assigned to Commissioning and related to the automation equipment.
Skills required:
  • Work confidently within site teams and supplier.
  • Able to express himself clearly verbally and in writing (English language).
  • Adapt successfully to changing situations & environments.
  • Gather information systematically to establish facts & principles. Problem solving.
  • Manage time effectively, prioritizing tasks and able to work to deadlines.
  • Highly motivated to solve problems/issues & target oriented.
  • High knowledge in Automation and Engineering.
  • Fluent English. Ability with French, German or Finnish is a plus.
Technical requirements:
Competent in the following software packages – depending on the scope entrusted:
  • Step 7 Professional (5.4), WinCC and WinCC Flex, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Microsoft Office
  • Competent in analyzing, testing and problem solving:
  • S7 Function blocks and configured software faults.
  • PLCs of 300 and 400 series hardware and configuration.
  • S7 Distributed Safety + F-Systems, S7-300/400 F or H series.
  • Networking connection troubleshooting.
  • Siemens HMI and display troubleshooting.
  • Analog and binary process transmitter troubleshooting.
  • Networking, Profibus and Ethernet troubleshooting.
  • Electrical errors and faulty connections.
  • Setting errors related to transmitters.
  • Physical errors in transmitter reading.
  • PID controllers.
  • Various analyzers.
Competent in reading, understanding and correction, if necessary:
  • Electrical drawings, wiring, termination and circuit diagrams (relay logic).
  • Instrumentation drawings hookup, connection, data sheet and calibration certificate.
  • Process drawing, PI&D, flow diagrams and hydraulic.
  • Test procedures, test equipment used and results.
Position is filled as soon as suitable candidate is found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to rekry.nipromecgroup@nipromec.com.