We are now looking for Technical Assistance on TXP Commissioning for our client in Olkiluoto. Work starts as soon as possible and estimated duration is 7 (seven) months.


-          Review the list of loop check test forecasted for the shift he/she’s in charge of.
-          Allocate resources and testing stations for the test execution.
-          Ensure effective training on the MCR shift in regards with the applicable procedures.
-          Identify which systems/cards is required for the tests.
-          Check availability of permit to tests related to the loop check his/her shift is assigned to.
-          Approve simulations requests needed for the tests his/her shift is in charge.
-          Review and report any deviation from the received result record sheets to be used for the tests.
-          Perform a shift handover with previous and next shift to ensure an information transfer concerning the progress, the blocking point, the decision taken and inform his/her shift.

-          Assign and follow the implementation of required simulation and check the full adherence to applicable procedure for configuration management.
-          Assign and follow the preparation of the I&C systems and I/O cards needed for the tests.
-          Ensure that the testing stations are occupied and no tests is delayed due to unavailability of MCR personnel when stations are not all occupied.
-          Ensure the MCR team adherence to the applicable procedures for the loop checks and the testing coverage analysis.
-          Ensure the consistency of the produced result record sheets within the shift and with other shifts with regards to the fields and comment section.
-          Ensure the test preparation analysis availability for the next shift (simulation required for the coming testing to avoid any unexpected event during loop checking).
-          Contact troubleshooting team to support failing tests.
-          raised open points to engineering departments with clarification requests creation.

Control and monitoring:
-          Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting linked to his/her I&C system.
-          Initiate corrective actions in case of deviations.

The completion of the commissioning activities related to the entrusted loop checking is sanctioned by following events:
-          Issue of result record sheets uniformly filled and signed.
-          Loop checks progress follow-up is updated with shift achievements.

Skill required:
-          Technical degree in automation field.
-          Experience in design / engineering – manufacturing – test bay or commissioning based on the TXP product line.
-          Experience in loop testing (sensors, actuators).
-          EPR knowledge would be a plus.
-          Good relational and communication skills, analysis and synthesis skills.
-          Rigorous especially for adherence to procedure in force on site including configuration management.
-          Good oral expression and writing skills.
-          Aware of HSE and OT security aspects.
-          Fluent English. Ability with French, German or Finnish is a plus.

Technical requirements:
The applicant ought to be familiar with a portion the product lines according to his/her mission on site:
-          ES 680 Engineering and Commissioning Tools.
-          Web4TXP Process Engineering and Commissioning Tools.
-          Tec4function tool.
-          OM 690 Operating and Monitoring System.
-          AS 620B (FUM) Automation System Including communication modules.

-          DS 670 Diagnosis system.

-          Bus systems including Industrial Ethernet and Profibus DP fieldbus.

Positions are filled as soon as suitable candidates are found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to info@n-pro.fi