We are now looking for I&C Field TXP technician support for our client in Olkiluoto. Work starts 01.06.2017 and estimated duration is 4 (four) months.

Under the authority of the TXP commissioning section Lead, the TXP Commissioning Technician will be in charge of the following tasks identified with regard to the phases of the project:
-          Review and pick up of the TXP testing equipment and peripheral testing devices required during commissioning.
-          Collect of the I&C system related testing documentation at the applicable reference configuration (e.g. logic diagrams, Result Record Sheets and attachments, engineering master documents) prior to test execution.
-          Attend to Pre-Job Briefing prior to TXP tests execution.
-          Prepare, Implement, and Trace temporary modifications and simulations on TXP systems with strict respect to applicable procedures under the supervision of the TXP commissioning section lead.
-          Implementation of modifications following the Change management process in place under the supervision of the TXP commissioning section lead.
-          Activities linked to I&C systems the support to the commissioning document adaptation according to the actual I&C system status on site.
-          Performance f the commissioning activities within the entrusted scope under permit to test conditions including the issuance of test reports.
-          Troubleshooting and analysis activities.
-          Activities linked to the support of process (mechanical, HVAC) Commissioning Engineers executed under the supervision of the Process commissioning engineer (for functional aspects) and the Test coordinator (for technical aspects):
-          Execute the test under the supervision of the system commissioning Engineer and the Loop testing Coordinator.
-          Assist to the preparation of the test report including the assessment of the I&C test outcomes.
-          Support troubleshooting activities.
-          Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting to the test coordinator she/he is attached to.
-          Provide test results as inputs to the elaboration of Customer’s approved System Commissioning; Reports (SCR) which closes out the Phase A pre-operational test associated to this I&C system.
-          Participation to the elaboration of the documents supporting the TOTO (Temporary Operation Take Over) certificate which finalizes the transfer of the I&C system to OIO (Operation Integrated Organization).
-          Support to the closure of all I&C system open points assigned to I&C Commissioning branch.
-          Support to the closure of all open points assigned to other commissioning branches and involving TXP I&C system.

Skill required:
-          Technical degree in automation field.
-          Experience in design / engineering – manufacturing – test bay or commissioning based on the TXP product line.
-          Experience in loop testing (sensors, actuators).
-          EPR knowledge would be a plus.
-          Good relational and communication skills, analysis and synthesis skills.
-          Rigorous especially for adherence to procedure in force on site including configuration management.
-          Good oral expression and writing skills.
-          Aware of HSE and OT security aspects.
-          Fluent English. Ability with French, German or Finnish is a plus.

Technical requirements:
The applicant ought to be familiar with a portion the product lines according to his/her mission on site:
-          ES 680 Engineering and Commissioning Tools;
-          Web4TXP Process Engineering and Commissioning Tools;
-          Tec4function tool;
-          OM 690 Operating and Monitoring System;
-          AS 620B (FUM) Automation System Including communication modules;
-          DS 670 Diagnosis system;
-          Bus systems including industrial Ethernet and Profibus DP fieldbus;

Positions are filled as soon as suitable candidates are found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to info@n-pro.fi