We are now looking for I&C Field Troubleshooter for a project in Olkiluoto. Work starts on 01.11.2017 and estimated duration is 12 months.

Measuring and actuation circuits are tested on site as part of the process commissioning scope and following activities are entrusted to the I&C Field Commissioning Technician:

- Review periodically the list of circuits as per time schedule to be tested. This includes the identification of their location inside the plant and their accessibility check on site and the need for temporary means (e.g. power supply or instrument air or scaffolding).
- Request and check at receipt the adequacy of validity of testing and communication equipment required during commissioning activities.
- Collect design documentation at the applicable reference configuration (e.g. data sheets, circuit diagrams, P&IDs, 30 drawings) prior to test execution including.
- Attend Pre-Job Briefing prior to test execution.

- Implement the commissioning instructions linked to the tests of measuring (sensors) and control (actuators) circuits from field (SCl53 - SCl52 or equivalent) under the coordination of the Control Commissioning Technician located at control room or equivalent.

Control and monitoring: Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting to the Test Coordinator  and feed Post-Job Reviews.

The completion of the commissioning activities is sanctioned by following events:
- Circuits have been tested as per time schedule and according to commissioning instructions (no open points left without an action plan to resolve them).
- Troubleshooting activities have been conducted in compliance with the processes in force on the project and in collaboration with the construction team.
- Testing and communication devices have been returned in good shape.

Working conditions can be in shift as per project needs.

General and technical degree expected:
-          Technician degree in automation field
-          Experience in commissioning activities on sensors, actuators, switches and similar field devises.

Skills required:
-          Capacity to organizing day-today activities
-          Rigorous especially for adherence to procedures in force on site including configuration management
-          Good writing skills
-          Ability to work in an international team
-          Aware of and strict adherence to HSE and IT security aspects

-          Knowledge of the standard calibration tools and procedures for pressure, temperature, PH, flow, level and conductivity sensors
-          Familiar with standards testing tools (e.g. multimeter, decade counter)
-          Familiar with circuit testing procedures
-          Capacity of reading mechanical documents (e.g. P&IDs, isometrics) and I&C detailed design documents

-          English B1 level

Position is filled as soon as suitable candidate is found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to info@n-pro.fi .