We are looking for SSS Commissioning engineer for our client working on the Olkiluoto 3 project. Work starts 01.07.2017, estimated duration is 6 months.

Self-standing systems (SSS) refer to process systems which have embedded their own automation equipment in contrast to the main control and safety systems of the NPP.

Under the authority of I&C self-standing system lead commissioning engineer, the SSS commissioning engineer will conduct the commissioning scope related to the automation portions of the self-standing systems (SSS).

They are made up mainly of Siemens S7/Step7 product line and relay technology as well as conventional panels under Winccflex or WINCC. They embrace also Profibus DP fieldbus components and the configuration of the connected devices (slaves).

The SSS commissioning engineer subject to that job description supports mainly (but is not limited to) the designed process commissioning engineers.

Following activities are included within his / her scope.

1.    Review of the automation portion of the SSS prior to commissioning start with regard to:
-          SSS requisition file. Depending on the purchase order placed for the Self Standing System, the test execution program may be impacted.
-          Detailed design documents availability at applicable reference configuration.
-          Completeness & correctness of commissioning test documents.
-          Testing equipment - specific training and spare parts required.
-          Status of open points already assigned to the PLC and analysis of their impacts on commissioning schedule.
-          On-site inspection of the equipment and follow-up of its installation.
-          Software availability and accessibility in line with IT Security and configuration management rules.
-          Assessment of the workload for that support including the performance of loop testing.
-          Assessment of supplier's support needed - if any.
-          Support the Commissioning Engineer in charge of the system at ECC stage (Erection Completion Certificate), i.e. during the transfer of the automation equipment from erection to commissioning.

2.    Execution of the automation related commissioning activities.
-          Support the RFCC (Ready for Commissioning Certificate) managed by the Commissioning Engineer in charge of the system the automation equipment belongs to day-to-day execution of the test programs as per system Commissioning Engineer instructions (Permit-to-Test) including the issue of test reports (Result Record Sheets).
-          Issuance of fault notifications in case of equipment defect noted at commissioning stage.
-          Creation of open points in case of deviations or events noted at commissioning stage, including analysis and possible solutions.
-          Troubleshooting and analysis activities on a need basis, Implementation of temporary changes at commissioning stage according to project procedures.
-          On-site re-testing of approved changes - if applicable.
-          Enforcement of IT-Security and HSE rules.
-          Support to the transfer process of the system from commissioning to OIO (Operations Integrated Organization) at completion of pre-operational tests.

3.    Control and monitoring activities:
-          Provide inputs with regard to work progress and status on a system basis to system Commissioning Engineer.
-          Provide inputs with regard to overall status and workload to I&C Commissioning Head Branch.
-          Propose corrective actions in case of deviations in test performance s or test reports.

4.    Closing-out activities:
-          Support the issue of System Commissioning Reports (SCR) and Phase Commissioning Reports (PCR) for their portions dealing with PLC.
-          Support the closing of open points assigned to Commissioning and related to the automation.
-          During test execution period shift work may be requested.

Skills required:
-          Engineering degree in Automation required.
-          General and technical background expected.
-          Good communication skills.

Technical requirements:
-          Overall good knowledge about Auxiliary, Monitoring, Diagnostic and Self-Standing Systems.
-          Siemens S7 / STEP7, Winccflex or WINCC.
-          Knowledge of the OL3-project (tools, project-structure, teams & documentation, Processes)
-          Fluent English level required, German and/or French beneficial.

Position is filled as soon as suitable candidate is found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to info@n-pro.fi