We are now looking for an I&C Field Commissioning Troubleshooting Engineer for a project in Olkiluoto. Work starts on 01.04.2017 and estimated duration is 6 months.

Under the authority of the I&C Field Commissioning Section lead, the I&C Field Commissioning Troubleshooting Engineer will be in charge of following tasks identified with regards to the phases of the project:

-          Interface with the development and the engineering departments from a technical standpoint on I&C field devices if spare parts or test equipment are needed.
-          Participation in the review of the I&C field commissioning troubleshooting log file.
-          Attend to pre-job briefing prior to I&C field commissioning test execution.

-          Support I&C and process test execution for unexpected event or non-conformity analysis.
-          Analyze and select the troubleshooting actions while limiting the impact in running commissioning activities, with the support of engineering databases and master documentation.
-          Plan troubleshooting activities with corresponding I&C and process commissioning engineering to evaluate and limit the impact n I&C/process system behavior and availability.
-          Preparation of work order (WO) requests associated to the troubleshooting activity to be performed on I&C field devices – if any.
-          Replacement of damaged components.
-          Support the I&C field commissioning team during re-tests after trouble is solved – if needed.
-          Collect design documentation at the applicable reference configuration (e.g. data sheets, circuit diagrams, P&IDs, 3D drawings) prior to start the troubleshooting.

Control and monitoring:
- Follow up of trouble events on a day to day sequence.
- Update of troubleshooting log file on day to day sequence with detail information what was the problem, what was exactly done etc. after the problem is solved or identified.
- Follow up of needed spare part orders with the responsible person inside the I&C fiel docmmissioning team.

The completion of the commissioning activities related to the entrusted I&C system is sanctioned by following events:
-          Provide the as-built configuration to the engineering department for the configuration documentation update if needed due to red-marks.
-          Support to the closure of all I&C system open points assigned to I&C commissioning branch.
-          Inform the I&C field shift leaders that trouble event have been solved and re-testing can start.

General and technical background expected:
-          Engineer degree or technical degree in automation field.
-          Experience in sensor calibration.
-          Experience in commissioning activities on sensors, actuators, switches and similar field devices.
-          EPR knowledge would be a plus.

Skill required:
-          Good relational and communication skills.
-          Analysis and synthesis skills.
-          Rigorous especially for adherence to procedures in force on site including configuration management.
-          Good oral expression and writing skills.
-          Ability to work in an international team.
-          Aware of HSE and IT security aspects.
-          Fluent English. Ability with French, German or Finnish is a plus.

Technical requirements:
-          Knowledge on standard calibration tools and procedures for pressure – temperature – Ph – flow – level – conductivity sensors.
-          Familiar with standard testing tools (e.g. multimeter, decade counter).
-          Familiar with circuit testing procedures.
-          Capacity of reading mechanical documents (e.g. P&IDs or isometrics) and I&C detailed design documents.

Position is filled as soon as suitable candidate is found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to info@n-pro.fi