We are now looking for I&C Field Commissioning Shift Leader for our client in Olkiluoto. Work starts 01.04.2017 and estimated duration is 6 months.

The shift leader is in charge of the daily management of following resource profiles:
-          Sensor - drive and actuator l&C Field personnel.
-          Electrical Field personnel.
-          OM/TXP (HMI / control systems) personnel.
-          TXS (safety Systems) personnel.

ln addition, a repair team is assigned to the team in order to carry-out corrective actions as soon as defects are identified on site, i.e. at the time of the test execution.

Lastly, following entities directly interact with the shift leader:
-          Self-Standing System (SSS) leader who requires the support of either the team in the field when executing loop checks controlled by PLCs or OM/TXP team when interface tests to main l&C systems are performed.
-          TXS/TXP team for resources and standard methods sharing.
-          The SCl52/53 test support group who is responsible for smoothing out the preparation process of the loop checks.
-          Troubleshooting team.

Long term shift work pattern applies to this organization.

Following activities are included within the scope of the shift leader:
Planning (preparation):
-          Review of the daily workload planning as delivered by the l&C Field Section Lead and team assignment to the tasks.
-          Review of testing tool asset for completeness and usability (e.g. calibration programs) purposes.
-          Schedule of the site walk down according to the test program.
-          Definition of support functions assuring temporary means required for the execution of the commissioning activities (e.g. power supply or instrument air or scaffolding).
-          Participation in the Pre-Job Briefings before the execution of the tests.
-          Participation in the definition of the training programs for commissioning personnel.
-          Coordination with the on-site IT Security team especially for smart field devices as a support of the System Commissioning Engineer they belong to.

-          Manage the daily work of the testing team and on-site suppliers' personnel (if any).
-          Manage the daily work of the repair team including the issuance of the repair reports.
-          Manage the preliminary troubleshooting activities linked to field devices - if not successful transfer the task to the dedicated troubleshooting.
-          Perform approved changes on field devices and issue associated test reports.
-          Enforce IT-Security – HSE rules and administrative regulations during Commissioning activities.

Control and monitoring:
-          Provide daily inputs to progress measurement according to performance indicators.
-          Participate in progress collection reports.

-          All items subject to SCl52/53 have been successfully tested. This includes the issuance of the filled-out Result Record Sheets (RRS) and appendices including their archiving as well as their hand over to the System Commissioning Engineer.
-          All approved changes have been implemented (FCR-ls) and test reports stored in AIMS.

The Shift Leader will take over the roles and responsibilities of the l&C Field Section Lead in case the latter is out of office.

Working conditions can be in shift as per project needs.

Skill required:
-          General knowledge about conventional instruments (sensors including transmitters and actuators) used in the nuclear industry as well as their associated calibration and testing tools.
-          First experience in commissioning of field devices is required.
-          Capacity of organization and managing a team on a day-to- day basis (up to 20 people).
-          Capacity of coordinating the activities of the suppliers with respect to commissioning scope.
-          Good relational and communication skills, configuration management.
-          Good oral expression & writing skills.
-          Ability to work in an international team.
-          Aware of HSE and IT security aspects.
-          Rigorous especially for adherence to procedures in force on site including.
-          Fluent English is required. Ability with French, German or Finnish is a plus.

Technical requirements:
Competent in the following technical fields:
-          Instrumentation (flow - level - humidity - pressure - Ph - density - oxygen/hydrogen & temperature meters) and their testing & calibration tools.
-          Electrical actuator technologies with a focus on their setting during commissioning.
-          Installation state-of-the-art rules for sensors and actuators.
Competent in reading, understanding and correction, if necessary, of:
-          Electrical drawings, wiring, termination and circuit diagrams.
-          Instrumentation drawings, hookup connection, data sheet and calibration certificate.
-          Process drawing, P&ID and flow diagrams.
-          Test procedures, test equipment used and results.

Positions are filled as soon as suitable candidates are found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to info@n-pro.fi