We are looking for NI Technical Operation Supervisor for our client working on the Olkiluoto 3 project. Work starts 01.02.2017 , estimated duration is 12 months.

NI Technical Operation Supervisor task included, but are not limited to:
– Responsible to coordinate and control the activities of the Shift Operation team (Reactor Operator, Turbine Operator, Auxiliary Operator and In-Field operators) together with Client’s Shift Supervisor. The Client Shift Supervisor bear the formal authority of the conduct of operation and TOS is responsible to mentor him/her in all operational and technical aspects;
– Issue guidelines and instruction relating to plant operation processes;
– To manage and control the activities (operation, periodic testing, maintenance preparation, tagging, etc.) of the Shift Operation Team;
– To support all commissioning activities (operation of systems, validation of operating and periodic test procedures, etc.) in co-ordination with the Commissioning Engineers, PTW-Office and Maintenance Coordination Team;
– Prepare systems for commissioning and maintenance in co-ordination with the PTW-Office Team;
– Coordination and active participation in the Blocking, Work order, Test permit, Fault notification and Temporary Modification processes;
– To fulfill the requirements of Plant Technical Specifications;
– After fuel loading will continue to carry overall responsibility in close coordination with the Shift Supervisor of our client TVO, who will bear the nuclear safety accountability;

Skills required:
– At least 10 years’ experience as a nuclear power plant operator of which minimum 5 years licensed supervisory level on shift;
– Exposure to all facets of plant operation, particularly exposure to plant refueling and maintenance outages. Scheduling of planned work and PTW implementation, plant start-up and shutdown, modifications implementation/commissioning;
– Ability to work on the different process diagram, isometrics, preparation of solution and support for inventories in the field;
– In-depth knowledge of the nuclear plant operations or procedural planning of shut-downs / outages;
– Demonstrable knowledge of power plant, system and process engineering;
– General understanding of mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and measurement/instrumentation technology;
– Computer literacy in MS-Office;
– Experience in procedure writing (required for validation of Operating manuals and for creating Shift instructions);
– Ability to use the different project data bases, software etc.;
– Fluent English, skills in French, German or Finnish a benefit;

Technical requirements:
– Deep knowledge about EPR technology;
– System training’s about EPR technology;

Expected deliverable:
– Validation of Work Orders, Blockings, Permits to Tests, fault Notices and other documents associated with the PTW office – daily;
– Validation of Operating manuals and Nuclear Testing Manuals – as needed;
– Preparation of Operating Shift Round Sheets;
– Preparation of OIO Shift Instructions;
– Validation of Temporary Shift Instructions;
– Preparation of OIO Shift Instructions;
– Filling of Shift Logbook;

Interfaces with Commissioning Engineers, OIO Manager, Client and Finnish Regulator (STUK).

Position is filled as soon as suitable candidate is found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to info@n-pro.fi