We are now looking for IC TXP Commissioning Engineer for a project in Olkiluoto. Work starts 01.02.2017 and estimated duration is 12 months.

Following task are entrusted to IC TXP Commissioning Engineer Position:

Planning (preparation):
– Identification of all the CRs requiring an OM/TXP analysis.
– Scheduling of their handling as a function of the target dates for change committee review.
– Identification of the OM/TXP commissioning team members being able to support the analysis.
– Arrangement of regular meeting with I&C system leaders (PICS-SICS-PAS1-SAS) to ease the closure of the investigation phases for the most complex cases and show overall CR status ( items already closed, pending and forecast, approved / rejected CRs).

– Read and understand the content of the CRs and close their investigation with a focus on target dates, the costs (hours/€) and the re-testing scope (Commissioning instructions – Cis impacted or dedicated procedures):
– In the case of CR does not obviously impact the section, close the investigation in AIMS straight away.
– In the case the CR impacts are easily identified, fill-out AIMS and close the investigation after having gotten a confirmation, about the conclusion of the analysis from the related I&C system responsible, e.g. part of the regular progress meetings.
– In case of complex CR, arrange dedicated review sessions up to conclusion and the filled out AIMS accordingly.
– Retesting scope is defined with the support of I&C system leaders and I&C commissioning dedicated V6V team.
Participate in CR regular review meetings arranged by the change committee board as OM/TXP representative.
– to solve outstanding issues raised during the CR review process (e.g. CR not enough detailed, engineering analysis missing).
– to ensure creation of DCR-child for, and only for, DCRs impacting OM/TXP/SICS systems.

Control and monitoring
– Issuance of a weekly follow-up report showing the status of the CRs as analysis.
– CR having their investigation closed with final decision (approved / rejected) and list of Cis impacted which would need to be (partially) re-executed or new test procedures to be draft-ed out.
– CR under review (progress %) and closure forecast.
– Escalate to upper management in case of outstanding issues.

The completion of these activities is sanctioned by following events:
– All CRs have been answered – analysis is completed.
– The overall costs and manpower stemming from the resulting ICCR/DCR, have been inte-grated in the I&C Commissioning budget.
– Resulting ICCR/DCR implementation time slots are defined according to commissioning schedule and agreed with I&C system responsible.

Skills required:
– Engineer degree in automation field or generalist.
– Experience in the management of I&C changes involving multiple disciplines and stakeholders.
– EPR knowledge would be a plus.
– Good relational and communications skills.
– Analysis and synthesis skills.
– Rigorous especially for adherence to procedures in force on site including configuration man-agement.
– Good oral expression & writing skills.
– Ability to work in an international team.
– Fluent English. Ability with French, German or Finnish is a plus.

Technical requirements:
– The OM690/ TELEPERM XP product lines used on OL3 project consist of the following main components. The applicant ought to be familiar with a portion the product lines according to his/her missions on site:
– ES 680 Engineering and Commissioning Tools.
– Tec4function and OM-Editor tools.
– OM 690 Operating and Monitoring System.
– AS 620B (FUM) Automation System including communication modules.
– Bus systems including Industrial Ethernet and Profibus DP fieldbus.
– Desk tile technology (for SICS panels).

Position is filled as soon as suitable candidate is found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to info@n-pro.fi