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We are now looking for I&C TXP Commissioning Technician for a project in Olkiluoto. Work starts in as soon as possible and estimated duration is 12 months.


Under the authority of the TXP commissioning section Lead, the TXP Commissioning Technician will be in charge of following tasks identified with regard to the phases of the project:

1. Preparation:

  • Review and Pick up of the TXP testing equipment and peripheral testing devices required during commissioning
  • Collect of the I&C system related testing documentation at the applicable reference configuration (e.g. logic diagrams, Result Record Sheets and attachments , engineering master documents) prior to test execution
  • Attend to Pre-Job Briefing prior to TXP tests execution

2. Execution:

  • Prepare, implement, and Trace temporary modifications and simulations on TXP systems with strict respect to applicable procedures under the supervision of the TXP commissioning section lead
  • Implementation of modifications following the Change Management process in place under the supervision of the TXP commissioning section lead

Activities linked to l&C systems:

  • Support to the commissioning document adaptation according to the actual l&C system status on site
  • Performance of the commissioning activities within the entrusted scope under Permit­ to-Test (PTT) conditions including the issuance of test reports
  • Troubleshooting and analysis activities

Activities linked to the support of process (mechanical, HVAC, … ) Commissioning Engineers executed under the supervision of the Process commissioning engineer (for functional aspects) and the Test coordinator (for technical aspects):

  • Execute the tests under the supervision of the system commissioning Engineer and the Loop Testing Coordinator
  • Assist to the preparation of the test reports including the assessment of the I&C test outcomes
  • Support to troubleshooting activities

3. Control and monitoring:

  • Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting to the Test Coordinator she / he is attached to

4. Closure:

The completion of the commissioning activities related to the entrusted I&C system is sanctioned by following events:

  • Provide test results as inputs to the elaboration of Customer’s approved System Commissioning Reports (SCR) which closes out the Phase A pre-operational tests associated to this I&C system
  • Participation to the elaboration of the documents supporting the TOTO (Temporary Operation Take Over) certificate which finalizes the transfer of the l&C system to OIO (Operation Integrated Organization)
  • Support to the closure of all I&C system open points assigned to I&C Commissioning branch
  • As part of the support provided to the commissioning of process systems , following activities need to be completed:
  • Support to the closure of all open points assigned to other commissioning branches and involving TXP I&C system


General and technical background expected:

  • Technician degree in automation field
  • Experience in design / engineering – manufacturing – test bay or commissioning based on the TXP product line
  • Experience in loop testing (sensors , actuators)
  • EPR knowledge would be a plus

Skills required:

  • Good relational and communication skills, Analysis and synthesis skills,
  • Rigorous especially for adherence to procedures in force on site including configuration management
  • Good oral expression & writing skills
  • Ability to work in an international team (French, German, US, …) Aware of HSE and IT security aspects


The TELEPERM XP product lines used on OL3 project consist of following main components. The applicant ought to be familiar with a portion the product lines according to his/her missions on site:

  • ES 680 Engineering and Commissioning Tools
  • Web4TXP Process Engineering and Commissioning Tools
  • Tec4function tool
  • OM 690 Operating and Monitoring System
  • AS 620B (FUM) Automation System including communication modules
  • DS 670 Diagnosis system
  • Bus systems including Industrial Ethernet and Profibus DP fieldbus

Fluent English is required, other language skills are beneficial.

Position is filled as soon as suitable candidate is found. To apply please send application and CV with salary request to